Sunnyfield Farm

Sue, Heather, Marney and I headed over to Sunnyfield to photograph and interview Elizabeth, Andre, Weston, their goats and the property. Sunnyfield farm is a special place for me. When I moved back to Lopez in 2011 I lived on the farm for a couple years. Shortly before I moved on, Elizabeth and Andre came to the property and started to transform the farm into an active and thriving goat dairy.

Shortly after arriving, Sue, Heather, Marney, Andre and Elizabeth sat down in the barn for the interview. Weston and I wandered throughout the property and took photographs of the goats.

Sunnyfield-Farm_1 Sunnyfield-Farm_2 Sunnyfield-Farm_3 Sunnyfield-Farm_5After the interview was finished I asked Elizabeth, Andre and Weston for a family portrait – we decided to get versions both with and without the goats.

Sunnyfield-Farm_4 Sunnyfield-Farm_6

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