The Team



Bounty-Group-PhotographKim Bast
Sandy Bishop
Iris Graville
Rachel Graville
Heather Woodruff Harrison
Robert S. Harrison
Steve Horn
Jane Jeszeck
Pamela McCabe
Rhea Miller
Kim Pasciuto
Marney Reynolds
Sue Roundy
Summer Moon Scriver



Chef Kim Bast was fortunate to grow up under the loving tutelage of many exceptional cooks and knew at an early age that her life’s focus would be food. She’s prepared meals at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, base camp on Mt. Rainier, and many fine kitchens in between. Kim lives with her husband and a bevy of animals at Windy Bottom Farm, where she’s discovered that growing food is as much fun as cooking it.

Sandy Bishop, Executive Director of Lopez Community Land Trust (LCLT), is deeply interested in the relationship between healthy soils, healthy foods, and the overall health of our island eco-system, with community at the center.

Writer Iris Graville believes everyone has a story to tell. She collaborated with BOUNTY photographer, Summer Moon Scriver, on the award-winning book Hands at Work—a collection of stories and photographs of people (including several BOUNTY farmers) who are passionate about work with their hands. Iris’s personal essays and profiles have been published widely, and she posts regularly at

Food Stylist Rachel Graville has worked in the food industry for over a decade. As an entrepreneur, she founded and operated Iris Café in Brooklyn, NY, a critically acclaimed restaurant and gourmet shop. Prior to that, she was the event planner for Edible Brooklyn and Edible Manhattan magazines. Most recently, Rachel assisted Belcampo Meat Co. CEO Anya Fernald in development of her cookbook, Home Cooked.

Heather Woodruff Harrison works at the Lopez Island Family Resource Center. She attended undergrad at Bard College and obtained her Master’s in Social Work from Smith College in 2012. Heather moved to Lopez a year later to live with photographer Robert S. Harrison. She enjoys serving on the board of the Lopez Locavores, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting a local, sustainable, food economy and land stewardship.

Photographer Robert S. Harrison is a fine art, wedding, and commercial photographer ( He grew up on Lopez, and photography has been his passion since the 8th grade. It has taken him to Bard College, around the world, and ultimately back to Lopez. Since his return in 2010, Robert developed great appreciation for local farmers and lived at Sunnyfield Farm for several years, where he and his wife Heather still attend weekly dinners.

Photographer Steve Horn specializes in portrait, landscape and documentary work, ranging from the Balkans to Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival ( Steve is a longtime Lopez resident who believes that farming is part of the island’s identity and soul.

Book Designer Jane Jeszeck operates Jigsaw, a design studio in Seattle focusing on book and publication design. Why Jigsaw? Jane believes that the world is a puzzle with an infinite number of pieces, all of which fit if you can figure out how.

Pamela McCabe is a former nurse, counselor, mediator, and long-time community volunteer with non-profits. Work with the BOUNTY project brings together her appreciation of Lopez Island’s vibrant agricultural community and her joy of growing and cooking fresh food.

Rhea Miller, Assistant to the Director of Lopez Community Land Trust (LCLT), directs the sustainable agriculture program of the LCLT, coordinates production of the Farm Products Guide, and administers the intern program. She also directed the Lopez School’s LIFE Garden and Farm program for its first year of inception.

Kim Pasciuto has a background in law and small business management. She found her true home in the Northwest in 1985 when she and husband Ciro moved from Italy to Seattle and then to Lopez in 2011. Together they founded La Panzanella, an artisan bakery in Seattle honored with the Mayor’s Small Business Award in 2001. Kim’s most recent focus is on sustainable food systems and agricultural policy, including Farm-to-School programs and Food Policy Councils.

Marney Reynolds brings to the BOUNTY project her graphic design skills, her love of growing food and sharing it locally, and her many years of community involvement. She serves as Co-Director of GMO-Free San Juans and is a member of the Lopez Locavores board of directors.

Project Manager Sue Roundy was trained in design and for 30 years has worked with others to create community good. Growing up in Bellingham, WA, Sue’s family fished, foraged, and preserved the bounty of Whatcom County. Living on Lopez has brought her back to her Northwest locavore roots. She served on the Lopez Community Land Trust board 2008-2011 and is currently on the board of the Lopez Locavores.

Photographer Summer Moon Scriver has documented important events on Lopez Island—from weddings to coming-of-age ceremonies to sports events—for over twenty years. Her work has been shown in galleries throughout the Northwest as well as in the book, Hands at Work (, a collaboration with BOUNTY writer Iris Graville. Summer grew up on Lopez Island and is now raising her own family here, along with a bounty of organic foods in her various gardens.

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