Cows to Pasture

By Heather Gladstone

On Sunday, a big event took place at Sweet Grass Farm – the mamma cows and their babies were let out into the grassy fields after a winter in their corral! Some of the youngsters had never been let out into the green fields before, and it was clear that everyone (including the spectators) enjoyed it immensely! See for yourself:

HWG_3995 HWG_4003 HWG_3951


In the midst of the excitement, Joy briefly escaped from the pen. She was gently persuaded to rejoin the herd…






HWG_4418 HWG_4337


HWG_4210 HWG_4189 HWG_4306

1 thought on “Cows to Pasture

  1. These pictures are INCREDIBLE……I can almost hear my Grand-Father’s voice telling us “kids”……”No chasing OR riding the calves!” Thanks for sharing. jan sundquist


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