Seattle Times article featuring Bounty members

Congratulations to Marney Reynolds, Ken and Kathryn of Horse Drawn Farm, and the Seed Library for being featured in the Seattle Times!

“Where GMO crops aren’t likely grown is on the rocky San Juan Islands, where truck farms sell almost all their output to local residents and chefs. So why the initiative?

I pose that question to Lopez resident Marney Reynolds, a semiretired graphic artist from Seattle who helped Akopiantz in his campaign. The growing concentration of seed resources in a few large corporations, she says, is “cause for great concern because it means you and I have a diminishing supply of unadulterated seed.”

Check out the full article here 

(Little San Juan County takes on the GMO goliaths):

1 thought on “Seattle Times article featuring Bounty members

  1. A great article about how the hard work of Marney and Ken and Kathryn paid off to keep San Juan County free of GMOs. And how lucky we are on Lopez to have a seed library to provide a supply of unadulterated seed. Thanks to all who helped this initiative pass.


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